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July 6, 2010 / Amy Lucas Photography

Craig, CO – Denver, CO

Today’s Highlights: Rocky Mountain National Park

We started out today going East on 40 through Steamboat Springs and Rabbit Ear Pass (9,000 ft). Then we got on 34 East which led us through Rocky Mountain National Park. Again, we saw a ton of Elk. A lot of them were being lazy, napping on the mountains, but we came across a group of 60 chasing each other through the snow. It was so neat how their hooves would kick up the snow as they ran through it. We also got to see some tundra (and some idiots trampling all over it) and some bighorn sheep. Then we went up to Estes and saw the hotel that inspired Stephen King to write the Shining. Then we headed down 36 East which took us to 7 South (the scenic byway). It was a pretty drive. It kinda reminded me of Zion, the way the rocks looked. It also went along the backside of Rocky National Park, so we got to see Long Peak (14,000 ft) again. 7 South eventually looped back to 36 East. Then we took 270 to 70 to 225 which led us into Denver where we are staying the night. Today was our last day of traveling. We have a few things to do tomorrow before we fly back to Boston on Thursday morning.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park




Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park

Racing the rain

Storming to the East

View from our hotel room

Today’s Mileage: 284.2
Total Mileage Traveled: 4,800.4


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