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July 5, 2010 / Amy Lucas Photography

Pinedale, WY – Craig, CO

We didn’t have any specific landmarks to see today, so we had a nice, short day. We got a late start. Had some lunch and got on 191 South where the wind was howling. Again, my neck was sore from trying to keep my head straight. Since the winds were so strong, we decided instead of continuing South, we would take 80 East so the wind would be blowing from behind us. That plan worked perfectly. Then we eventually had to get off of 80 and get on 13 South. Again, the wind was blowing strong. We were on 13 for about 90 miles and while we were on it I saw over 100 pronghorn, antelope, and deer hanging out by the side of the road. About every mile you would see groups of them (ranging from 1-10). The pronghorns were so fast! I could see them running around, chasing each other. There were even little baby ones running around too. Super cute. Eventually, we made it to Craig, CO where we are staying the night.


Driving down 13 South

Fortification Rocks


Today’s Mileage: 273.2
Total Mileage Traveled: 4,516.2


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  1. John Ryan / Jul 19 2010 11:45 pm

    Please update… I miss your photos!

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