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July 3, 2010 / Amy Lucas Photography

Whitefish, MT – Bozeman, MT

Today’s highlights: Glacier National Park, Montana Countryside/Plains, Rocky Mountains.

We woke up this morning, checked the weather, and saw that it was going to rain between 11 A.M. and 3 P.M. in Glacier National Park, so we quickly packed up our things and got on the road as fast as possible (skipping breakfast) so we could reach the summit before the rain started to fall. We headed South on 93, then East on 40, and North on 2. The weather was fine so far, so we entered Glacier National Park from the west entrance and headed up Going to the Sun Road (ironic because there was no sun today). That’s when the weather took a turn for the worst. The sky was overcast, so I wasn’t able to take the best pictures. Also, the clouds were sitting low on the tops of the mountain peaks. It looked neat from the lower roads, but once we got up higher passes, it was foggy and cold. It got down to 41 degrees, and to make matters worse, it started to rain. I was able to take some pictures, but once it started to rain I put my camera away so it wouldn’t get damaged. I was freezing. My gloves were completely soaked and my hands were numb. We crossed the continental divide at Logan’s Pass and kept on driving to try to beat the heavier rain. Once we got out of Glacier National Park we took 89 South to 287 South which followed along the east side of the Rocky Mountains. These roads were nice and straight so we were able to make up some time and escape the bad weather. There were some wicked crosswinds on 287 though. We were driving down the road at an angle just to stay straight. It was crazy. My neck was starting to hurt from trying to hold my head up straight. Along the side of the highway we saw some deer hanging out, just waiting to get hit by a car. They need to realize it’s not safe to hang out on the side of a major highway like that. Later on we saw a fox run across the road, but he was too fast to take a picture of him. Then we hopped on interstate 90 East where the wind was behind us making it a much smoother ride. We eventually ended up in Bozeman, MT where we had a nice dinner and are staying the night.

Lake McDonald

Glacier National Park


Glacier National Park

Cloud cover at eye level

St. Mary Lake

St. Mary Lake

Burnt trees leaving Glacier National Park

Plains of Montana

Rolling hills of Montana

Today’s Mileage: 373.7
Total Mileage Traveled: 3,931.3


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