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July 1, 2010 / Amy Lucas Photography

Pendleton, OR – Missoula, MT

Today’s highlights: Washington farmland, Idaho forests, and Lewis and Clark Trail.

We started out today driving North on 11 which led us into Washington. While we were driving by some farmland, a plane flew right by us, dumping some chemicals on the crops. It was really neat how close we were! Then we got on 12 East which followed the Lewis and Clark trail though Idaho. I was really tired for some reason today, and nodded off for a bit while riding. Not the best idea. So we stopped to get gas and some lunch at a mexican restaurant. After eating I felt much more energized so we hit the road again. We stayed on 12 East the whole way into Missoula, Montana. The road was so pretty. It followed a river for 100 miles. The turns were nice, but after a while it seemed like deja vu. Every turn started to look the same. It was still really cool though. Then we went through Lolo Pass (5,235 ft) and eventually made it to Missoula, MT where we are staying the night.

We saw three deer today. Two were just bounding through some fields but one was standing next to the side of the road, and almost ran right in front of us. Thankfully, he decided to run the other way. He was so close to us, I wish I took a picture of him. But when you think you are about to hit a deer, the last thing you are thinking is, “let me grab my camera.” Instead I just want to hold on for dear life while we slam on the breaks.

Oregon farmland

Washington farmland

Washington farmland

Crop dusting


Rainbow over Clarkston

Mexican (check out that sweet painting!)

Along the Lewis and Clark Trail

The Lewis and Clark Trail continued

Today’s Mileage: 359.7
Total Mileage Traveled: 3,382.5


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