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June 28, 2010 / Amy Lucas Photography

Redding, CA – Grants Pass, OR

Today’s highlights: Elk Grove, Redwood National Park, and the Pacific Ocean.

Today we headed out of Redding on 299 West. It was a very scenic road. Lots of twists and turns. Then we turned onto 101 North which followed the coast. When we had left this morning it was still quite warm (90 degrees), but by the time we got to the coast, the temperature dropped down into the 50’s so we pulled off the road, had a little lunch, and put on our warm coats in preparation for the cooler climate. As we were driving up 101 you could see a massive cloud sitting over the ocean, right next to the shore. It was nuts! Then the fog moved inland and you could see it pouring over the tops of the trees. We kept on driving and then we saw a bunch of elk hanging out in a field so we pulled into a parking lot to take a picture of them, and they started walking out of the field and getting closer and closer to us. Dad didn’t like them getting so close to us, so we drove away before they could attack. Then we drove up through the Redwood National Park. The trees were HUGE! They didn’t even look that large until you saw some people standing at the base of them. I took a picture of dad standing in front of one and you can barely even see him. The mist was really thick while going through the forest and it was collecting on our clothes and making them wet. We eventually got out of the mist and saw the ocean. Then we went up 199 through another pretty road and eventually made it to Grants Pass, OR.

Cloud sitting over the ocean



More Elk

Fog dissipating

Paul Bunyon and Babe

Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean

Today’s Mileage: 305.1
Total Mileage Traveled: 2,543.5


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  1. linzfrentrop / Nov 11 2010 2:14 pm

    ALL of your travel photos are inspirational and beautiful! That’s really cool that you include your map at the end of each one too. I especially like the wildlife and the trees, but they are all wonderful!

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