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June 26, 2010 / Amy Lucas Photography

Mammoth Lakes, CA – Truckee, CA

Today’s highlights: Yosemite National Park and Lake Tahoe

Today was a very, very long day. We got a pretty early start. We were on the road by 7:45 A.M. We started out heading North on 395 to 120 West over Tioga Pass (9,945 ft) into Yosemite National Park. Yosemite was actually a lot larger than we anticipated, and before we could head up to Glacier Point, we realized we had to get gas beforehand or else we wouldn’t be able to make it back. Unfortunately, we had to backtrack, out of the park to get gas. That added on an extra 20 unnecessary miles. We also hadn’t correctly calculated how far Glacier Point was. We had originally planned to go 333 miles and get to our hotel at a reasonable hour, considering we had left fairly early in the day. But because we didn’t factor in how far Glacier Point was, we ended up driving a bit more than we expected. Around 3 P.M. we took out our GPS to see how far we still had to go after we had already done 180 miles in Yosemite alone. The GPS told us that we still had another 220 miles to go before we would get to our hotel that we had already made reservations for. At this point we had been on the road for 7 hours, and I was pretty exhausted. So we headed out of Yosemite and took 395 North to 89 West over Monitor Pass (8,314 ft). 89 took FOREVER. It was a just extremely windy and we had to go slowly around all the curves. We followed 89 past the west side of Lake Tahoe which was actually kinda pretty because the sun had just set and the sky was a pretty pinkish/blue. Finally, we arrived at our hotel in Truckee at 10 P.M.

Lake Tahoe

Moon over Lake Tahoe

A closer look at the road we traveled in Yosemite

Today’s Milage: 405.1
Total Mileage Traveled: 2,023.3


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