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June 24, 2010 / Amy Lucas Photography

Pahrump, NV – Mammoth Lakes, CA

Today started out just as hot as yesterday. We took 160 N and turned onto Belle Vista Road to cut over to Death Valley Junction. There we went north on 127 for .1 miles and turned onto 190 West. To get to death valley we had to drive over a 5000 ft. mountain range. Then we entered Death Valley. We turned up Dante’s View Road to get a view of Death Valley from above. Then we had to drive back down Dante’s View Road to get back onto 190 West. We drove through Furnace Creek and Stovepipe Wells where the temperature reached 112 degrees. Then we had to drive over another 5000 ft. mountain range to get out of death valley. But we weren’t out of the heat yet. We had to drive down through the Panamint Valley and then over another mountain range. Then we continued to follow 190 West until we got to 395 North. This is when I started to feel really exhausted. I couldn’t tell if I had drank too much water or not enough. I felt very lightheaded, and I couldn’t feel my extremities. Turns out I was just really hungry. So we stopped and grabbed some sandwiches at a gas station. I felt so much better after eating so we took 395 North for 80 miles and then took another break in Bishop, CA where we finished our sandwiches and laid down on a nice grassy spot across from a brook where some ducks and ducklings were hanging out. Then we got back on 395 where the temperature dropped down to 62 degrees and ended up in Mammoth Lakes, CA.

Looking down into Death Valley from Dante's Peak.

Death Valley

Death Valley

Stovepipe Wells

Driving down into Panamint Valley

Panamint Valley

View driving up to Mammoth Lakes

Another view driving up to Mammoth Lakes

Today’s Mileage: 307.1
Total Mileage Traveled: 1618.1


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  1. Luis Alberto R.P / Oct 5 2011 4:15 am

    Very beautifull…oh… only awesome… here in spain haven’t beautifull places :S Only monuments of history.

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