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June 23, 2010 / Amy Lucas Photography

Mesquite, NV – Pahrump, NV

Today was HOT. It was 95 degrees when we left this morning. We started out going on 15 South and then got on 515 South through Las Vegas to Boulder CIty. Then we got on 93 South to get to the Hoover Dam. This is when it started to get REALLY hot. It was 107 degrees and to make matters worse, we were stuck in 5 miles of bumper to bumper traffic (sitting in the sun). I was dying at this point. My bum was killing me and the heat was oppressive. I was just about ready to get off the bike and ask the guy driving the car behind us if I could get in to cool down and rest my rump. Turns out we were just stuck in traffic because of the Hoover Dam security check. When we were waiting in traffic we talked to one of the construction workers who was working on the 93 bypass bridge. He said that the bridge is going to be done in November and the traffic wont be nearly as bad going to the Hoover Dam. Too bad it wasn’t finished by now. Once we got to the dam we cooled off and relaxed for a bit. We ended up taking a tour that showed us the pipe where the water comes through the dam, the turbines that create the electricity, and the tunnels and air vents that are deep down in the dam. It was pretty neat seeing the guts of the Hoover Dam and all the small tunnels. After the tour we had a snack and got back on 93 North back up to Las Vegas. This is when we got lost. Apparently in Las Vegas they don’t like to label exits with route numbers. They only label them with their street names. Unfortunately, we only knew what routes we were going to take, so we ended up missing our exit and had to drive all the way around Las Vegas and extra 10 miles. We eventually were able to get off the highway and take a closer look at our map. That’s when we ran into a security guard riding a segway. He was nice enough to point us in the right direction. WIth the security guard’s help we were able to find 160 West (only labeled as Blue Diamond Blvd) and took that “over the hump to Pahrump.”

Hoover Dam

The water flowing through this pipe can fill a olympic sized swimming pool in 7 seconds


Air Shaft

Stairs leading up to the top of the dam

Bypass bridge

Water intake towers

Memorial to the workers who built the dam

Statue honoring the workers who built the dam

Over the hump to Pahrump

Today’s Mileage: 210.5
Total Mileage Traveled: 1311


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