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June 19, 2010 / Amy Lucas Photography

Denver – Idaho Springs, CO

We got a bit of a late start this morning due to the fact that our flight was delayed by 2 hours. Once we finally landed in Denver we went to pick up our bike (we are riding a BMW GS 1200). We then had lunch and picked up the rest of our gear and clothing from a local FedEx. From there we rode up rt 70 west and then got on rt 40 west which led us to Buffalo Bill’s grave site. While we were there we stopped to take some photos of the scenery. After that we went back to rt 70 west and decided to stop in Idaho Springs, CO for the night. We stopped to get gas at “Sinclair” (which uses a dinosaur as a logo) where we ran into some locals who told us to check out the Columbine motel, but after checking it out we decided to stay at the Heritage Inn. After checking in we went to dinner at “Hilldaddy’s Wildfire Restaurant.” We had a lovely conversation with our waitress who has lived in Idaho Springs her whole life. Tomorrow we’re planning on getting an early start and going up Mt. Evans (the highest paved road in the United States).

View from Lookout Mountain in Golden, Colorado

Sitting on top of Lookout Mountain in Golden, Colorado

Driving up to Buffalo Bill's Grave

Wagon Wheels

Keep off the Buffalo

Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley

View from Lookout Mountain in Golden, Colorado

Dinosaur Gas

Hilldaddy's Wildfire Restaurant

Today’s mileage: 52.4
Total mileage traveled: 52.4


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